Sr. Software Engineer (Full Time)

Location - New York, SF/Bay Area preferred, open to other locations (multiple openings)

About BigSpring

BigSpring is solving a Top 3 global challenge - Reskilling. By 2030, most of today’s jobs will require upskilling, many jobs will disappear, and more new ones will emerge that don’t exist today, collectively impacting billions of people.
Our mobile learning platform equips people with the lifelong learning they need to be gainfully employed, and enables employers to measure ROI from learning to establish it as a core business driver - not a discretionary expense.
BigSpring allows our learners the same human-centered, technology-aided experience they enjoy when they navigate to a restaurant, track daily fitness, or browse recommended videos on their smartphones. Learners can map their employment goals to market needs, create skill portfolios that showcase proficiency, engage in learning communities composed of peers and coaches, and measure employability in real-time.
Uber, United Technologies, Tata, OYO and others have made BigSpring their learning platform of choice for over 500,000 learners across Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas.

About the role

BigSpring’s product ecosystem centers around a progressive web application serving hundreds of thousands of users within network and hardware constrained environments internationally. Additionally, we have several web applications and tools supporting content management, client success, analytics, reporting, and more. So our Software Engineers need to be self-driven and product-minded, applying their multifaceted skill set across front-end, back-end, data and infrastructure. In our quest to deliver unprecedented productivity to people and organizations across the world, BigSpring is rapidly growing and our Software Engineer must succeed in all that this entails, including architecting new codebases, translating business needs into actionable work and knowing when to move fast against when to take the time to do something right.
As a senior member of our product team, you'll also help to mentor and lead other members of our growing team and work with stakeholders across functions, levels and geographies.
An exciting, innovation-driven outlook with plenty of opportunity for growth, an attractive base salary with equity in the growing business, all await you at BigSpring - an equal-opportunity employer that welcomes diverse thinking and perspectives.

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What you will do

  • Build software in a full-stack capacity, front-end and back-end, from architecture through deployment to the end-user.
  • Contribute to existing products and services as well as build new ones.
  • Execute end-to-end ownership and accountability over the projects you work on.
  • Work relatively independently and asynchronously as part of a small US-based product team within a global company across several time zones.
  • Contribute to product ideation and feature specification.
  • Shape our engineering culture, values, and processes.

What you bring

  • Demonstrated experience with a modern web technology stack that includes React, React Native, Node, AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Apollo and Typescript.
  • Demonstrated experience shipping software as part of a small team.
  • Familiarity with emerging web platform best-practices, including progressive web applications, service workers, network optimization, and performance optimization.
  • A willingness to be a broad generalist, wear many hats, and react to changing requirements.
  • Ability to prioritize competing tasks, work autonomously, understand technical tradeoffs.
  • A product-first mindset with a forward-thinking approach about how to use your craft to enable and evolve the business.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, especially when working with non-technical stakeholders.
  • Passion and enthusiasm about what you do.